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Tips 4 Healthy Teeth

Do you want to have healthy and beautiful teeth? What can we do to keep our teeth in good shape? Here are some reminders for you if you want to keep your teeth healthy and beautiful.

Balanced diet: Generally speaking, human teeth need protein, vitamin A, C, and D, calcium, phosphorus and fluoride to grow. We should keep a balanced diet to make sure that we take in all the nutrition needed for dental health.

Oral hygiene: Try to make it a habit of brushing your teeth and using dental floss after meals. You’ll keep plaque away from you.

Fluoride: There are several advantages of using fluoride. First, it helps prevent plague from growing. Second, it will strengthen the surface structure of your teeth. Third, it enhances the mineralization of your teeth.

Regular checkup: You need to seek a qualified dentist for professional checkup and counseling.

Dental Filling: Some concavities on your teeth might lead to dental cavities. You need to seek your dentist’s treatment by having dental filling to keep away from tooth decay.

Quit unhealthy habits: In Taiwan, chewing beetle-nuts is a particular bad habit damaging oral health. Those who get addicted to beetle-nut chewing have higher risks of getting oral cancer. Try to persuade your friends or family from doing that if they have such a bad hobby.

Tips to protect your teeth :

Brush teeth twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste. Low dose fluoride toothpaste is best for children under seven years of age. Introduce a low dose fluoride toothpaste at approximately two years of age.

Reduce snacking on sugary foods and drinks between meals.

Drink fluoridated tap water.

Floss teeth daily with dental floss - it reduces the possibility of dental decay between teeth surfaces.

Dental decay is caused by plaque. Plaque can be reduced if you brush regularly and reduce sugary snacks between meals.

first step to take to reduce bad breath is to brush and floss correctly – at least twice a day. This will help remove the bacteria that create the odour. You can also use interdental brushes or tongue scrapers. If this first step does not solve the problem you may require professional cleaning by a hygienist.

Regular dental check-ups are important. Regular dental check-ups (at least every two years) help to maintain healthy teeth and gums.

The Child Health Record recommends children’s teeth should be checked twice before they are three and a half years of age. This might be done by a Maternal and Child Health nurse, dentist, dental therapist or paediatrician.

Seek dental advice immediately if you have a toothache, bleeding gums or a dislodged tooth.

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